Day 182: Happy Canada Day!

Canada DaySomething a little bit different today.  I wanted to do a special sketch to celebrate Canada Day.  Sadly I couldn’t think of a single thing that was particularly evocative of Canada.  A maple tree?  A moose?  A bowl of poutine?  A loon?  A beaver?  A Canada goose?

None of these seemed particularly interesting on their own.  So instead I decided to draw a beaver and a Canada goose playing (ice) hockey.  Now that is pretty Canadian.  It’s also ridiculous.  But it’s definitely Canadian!

Of course, given how ridiculous this idea was it had to be done in a cartoon style.  I’m not sure I could manage a realistic painting of a goose and a beaver playing hockey.  That would be quite challenging.  As it is, despite how childish this picture looks, I used about 9 different reference photos to get an idea of how to draw each of the individual components.  Silly little cartoons are surprisingly difficult to draw, at least for me.

Anyway, happy Canada Day everyone!  I know most of you don’t celebrate it but those of you who do, enjoy your day off, have some Timmies, and go catch some fireworks.  Today is the 148th anniversary of Canada officially becoming a country.


6 thoughts on “Day 182: Happy Canada Day!

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I agree about beavers making great goalies. He’s actually using his tail to stop a shot in the drawing. I think the goose is a bit peeved about it and thinks that should count as cheating.

      In the main reference picture I was using for the hockey things the goalie had just missed the shot. The puck was just right behind him going into the net. Clearly that wasn’t a problem for this beaver though since he has a handy tail right there ready to block it.

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