Day 179: Another Attempt at Perspective in Hand Drawings

Putting My Hand in PerspectiveAnother Sunday brings another of my hand sketches.  I hope I can be forgiven for not going all out on this one.  I’m afraid I spent most of the day out with my husband having a wonderful anniversary together.  I did have my sketchbook with me but didn’t end up doing any sketching while I was out.  Instead I just enjoyed the day and the company.

That meant I was squeezing this one in at the end of the day again though.  I took another shot at getting a perspective drawing of the hand.  This time I tried to get a better grasp on the whole foreshortening thing.  I think it worked out a little better.  I was a bit lazy with the shading though.  I tried to leave it to dry before doing the shading but just ended up getting distracted and then rushing the shading when I got back to it.  This is an area I definitely need to work on a bit more.

Overall though, a fun day and a fun sketch, even if it is just another hand.


6 thoughts on “Day 179: Another Attempt at Perspective in Hand Drawings

    1. Thanks. Some of them definitely turn out better than others. I think I would get too bored if I didn’t switch it up. Although sometimes it can be quite difficult to try to come up with a new perspective.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I just kind of added that on at the end. I’m not sure how accurate it was since I didn’t have my hand in quite the same pose anymore when I did that part. I decided to just give it a shot anyway though.

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