Day 177: A Bird’s Lunch

A Bird's LunchIt’s Friday!  Yay!  I don’t really know why I’m so excited about that.  There’s nothing particularly special about tomorrow for me.  I don’t even get to sleep in.  However, it’s not even midnight yet and I’ve actually finished my sketch and am in the process of posting it.  Success!  I may even have some time to just relax and zen down a bit before going to bed.  Even better, I may actually get some sleep!  Okay … maybe I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself now.  Either way though, I’m glad that it’s Friday and that I’m actually not too far behind schedule for once.

For my sketch I chose another photo from the Something to Draw website again today.  I think I may be addicted to that site now.  It’s a good thing that I at least have figure drawing day and hand day to pull me away from it.

I keep missing out on this bird day thing that everyone keeps doing.  I’ve just never managed to pick up on the flow of when it’s supposed to happen.  So instead I just pick completely random days to draw birds.  I guess today was my bird day.  Sadly I lost the reference photo for this one about halfway through the painting process.  I must have closed the browser by mistake and then I couldn’t find the photo again so I just had to make up the rest from memory.  I suppose that’s the downside of over-reliance on a random photo generating website.  Oh well, I think it still turned out okay and the good thing about a daily sketching challenge is that there’s always tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Day 177: A Bird’s Lunch

  1. When I click through and see something quite good I feel like I’m on a gameshow: should I stick with what I have or risk it for something better knowing that I can’t go back!

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    1. It is an osprey! Thanks!

      That’s the other problem with using a random image generating website. I’m never quite sure what it actually is that I’m drawing. That was especially true in this case since I lost the picture halfway through.

      I didn’t actually know what kind of bird it was but I just did a google image search on ospreys and that’s definitely the one.

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