Day 176: A Very Wet and Splotchy Figure

A Very Wet and Splotchy FigureIn the end I decided to do another figure today after all.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to draw the mannequin two days in a row though.  As much fun as he is to draw I’m just not confident that I would have had anything new to bring to it if I drew him again today.  So to keep Figure Drawing Thursday alive despite yesterday’s mishap I decided to find a full figure photograph to draw for today.

The reference photo for today’s sketch was once again provided by the Something to Draw website.  I may find another good resource eventually but for now I’ll just keep running this one into the ground.  I’m not too motivated to search for something new as long as I’m enjoying this site and continuing to find such beautiful photos to use.  Today’s photograph was submitted by just_makayla and I’m afraid that once again I didn’t do it much justice.

I left my sketching far too late again today and didn’t end up with much time to do the painting.  I spent a decent amount of time on the line drawing because I still have so much difficulty with figures.  My first draft was terribly proportioned so I ended up just erasing it completely and starting over.  Since I didn’t start until quite late by the time I actually had a line drawing I was happy with it was already past time to be going to sleep.  In the end I just rushed the painting and didn’t wait for anything to dry before adding more colours.  The result is a very wet and splotchy looking painting.  At least you can sort of tell what it is though …


6 thoughts on “Day 176: A Very Wet and Splotchy Figure

    1. Thank you :). The seaside was in fact in the background so you’re picturing right! I didn’t really put that much effort into portraying it properly though. The ocean is quite intimidating to attempt to capture.

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