Day 174: A Sad Old Elephant

A Sad Old ElephantI’ve got another watercolour sketch from the Something to Draw website for today.  It’s nice to be able to just flip through a completely random collection of photos and just draw whatever catches your eye without having any clue at all what you’re looking for.  I didn’t even set out to draw an animal today, although I do like getting at least one animal drawing a week in.  Still, I don’t think it would have occurred to me to try to draw an elephant.  Once I saw him though I knew right away that I wanted to take a shot at drawing him.  He just looked so sad and old and lonely.  He had so much character and I wanted to try to capture some of it.

The amazing photograph that my sketch was based on was submitted by a Wild Dogger.  My sketch isn’t nearly as detailed as the photo but I did my best to capture some of the basic characteristics.  For this one I was mostly exploring colour and shading.  I don’t think I’ve ever drawn an elephant before so it was fun trying to pick out the shapes for the initial line drawing.  It looked pretty strange at first but I’m learning to trust my eyes and it all sort of came together in the end.  After yesterday’s mostly black and white painting I decided to go the other way for today and do a painting with shading without using any black at all.  I’m not sure how well it worked out but it was definitely an interesting effort, especially with an elephant that I generally would have though of as being grey.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  I really like doing these paintings based on random photographs.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I also did another quick tablet sketch this morning.  It’s not much, I was just trying to test something out on the tablet, but here it is anyway:

Random FaceSadly it seems like I’m not going to be able to get the tablet working right.  I’ve been trying to troubleshoot it for a while now and have had to do all sorts of complicated things to accomplish the few sketches I did manage to do with it.  I think I may need to return it though.  Maybe I’ll get another one someday.  It’s very fun to play around with.  I can only imagine how much nicer it would be if it actually worked.  I’ll just have to add it to the wishlist.


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