Day 173: A Study in Black and White

A Study of Black and WhiteI left my sketching pretty late again today.  I’m still working on building those better habits I keep talking about.  It’s an ongoing process.  I get the feeling it may be a lifelong process really.  I didn’t hit any kind of productivity groove until quite late in the day and by then I had accumulated a fairly daunting pile of things to do.  It was another one of those days when I was glad to have been introduced to the Something to Draw website.  I think trying to come up with something to draw may have been too daunting a task for me otherwise. 

Instead, I just refreshed until I found a picture I liked and didn’t find too intimidating for today.  The first one to catch my eye was a black and white photo by Marta Rybicka of a man on the street reading (or more like studying) a newspaper.  I was captivated by the expression on his face and the interesting play of shadows and light.

My painting wasn’t entirely in black and white though.  I couldn’t resist at least a little splash of colour.  I did my best to capture the rest though.  Sadly I didn’t have space on the page to fit as much of the figure as was captured in the photograph.  I suppose I should have plotted out my spacing better before starting.  I still find it quite interesting though.  I can’t help but wonder what was going through this man’s mind.  What did he see in the newspaper?  It’s an interesting image that I think could make a good story.


12 thoughts on “Day 173: A Study in Black and White

    1. Thank you 🙂

      The hood was what I started with. I found the shape of it quite interesting as well so I tried to capture it as accurately as possible.

      It definitely appears to have been a very evocative newspaper for him. It’s fascinating to wonder about. I’m sure I’ll make up all sorts of stories for myself about what could have been in the paper to get that kind of a reaction. It was a very interesting photograph. I may check out the photographer again as she is excellent at capturing people.

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    1. Lol, sadly we will never now. I doubt it’s a ring of power though which is probably for the best. I’ll just have to spend the rest of my life wondering what the answer to that particular “riddle” is :).

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