Day 171: Of Fathers and Sons

Fathers and SonsToday’s effort is an early Father’s Day sketch that I drew for my Father-in-Law.  It’s based on an old family photo of my husband and his brother playing in a puddle with their dad and granddad.  I believe the story goes that soon after this photo was taken both boys came down with chicken pox.  Still, it remains a cherished family memory so I wanted to take a shot at capturing it.

I think I did alright at capturing the basics of it anyway.  I definitely need to work on my perspective a bit more.  Even though I was copying from a photograph I seem to have managed to do some pretty strange things with the perspective.  Scenery is hard.

I may try to work on this one a bit more before sending it to my Father-in-Law.  I may want to think about actually giving him a face at least.  Luckily I’ve got one more day to go anyway.  I just wanted to get it done ahead of time so that I wouldn’t be stressing out at the last second again.  Also, this way I can stick to hand day for tomorrow’s sketch.  That will be good since I missed figure drawing day.


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