Day 169: A Stranger in an Apple Store

Waiting at the Genius BarToday ended up being a pretty long and crazy day.  I was up early because I was expecting a phone call and/or e-mail to set up an appointment for later in the day.  It turns out that my phone has been acting up lately and I missed a call a couple days ago because of it.  In the end my appointment was just rescheduled for next week, although I’m still waiting on confirmation for that.

Meanwhile though, we decided that we should take my phone in to the apple store to have it looked at.  The battery has been running out pretty quickly lately anyway so I’ve been meaning to get it replaced.  We were supposed to just be getting the battery replaced but apparently the apple store geniuses broke the plastic tab holding my battery when they were trying to replace it so they decided they should just replace the whole phone instead.

That was all well and fine except that I hadn’t backed my phone up for a while and wanted to maintain my recent phone and text logs.  Why does everything have to be so complicated these days?  Apparently the only way to do that was to perform an iCloud backup right in the store using the store’s wireless.  I wasn’t able to just take my phone home to back it up or they would no longer offer the phone replacement.  Unfortunately backing the phone up over wireless took a very long time so I spent much longer than I would have liked sitting in an Apple store staring at a status bar.

While I was there I decided I may as well get some sketching in.  There were quite a few people to choose from.  At first I started sketching one of the employees but I was interrupted and by the time I turned back he had moved away.  Instead I ended up settling on one of the other customers who presumably was in a situation similar to my own.  She too was sitting there and waiting quite patiently while staring at her device.  She did do quite a bit of moving though, mostly just turning her head around, so I wasn’t able to capture much detail in the face.  It was really just a very quick and basic sketch that I coloured in with watercolour once I finally got home.


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