Day 168: A Random Splotchy Child

Random Splotchy Child PortraitToday’s sketch is based on another photo from the Something to Draw website.  It was a photo of a young child submitted by someone called Sean Hawkey.  I wasn’t quite able to get the colouring to look right and I think I still have problems with accidentally aging children.  I also have a bit more to learn about how to shade effectively with watercolours and possibly just how to shade a human face in general.

Still it was good practice making another attempt at a portrait of a small child.  I haven’t done one of these in a while.  I think it may also be my first time drawing a child who I don’t actually know personally so it was a bit of a different experience.

I’m aiming to get to sleep while it’s actually still today for a change.  Another new experience but I’ve been so tired today that I was basically non-functional.  This picture is basically my big effort for the day.  Now I’m just going to go to bed and hope to do better tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 168: A Random Splotchy Child

    1. Thanks, the eyes were challenging. I pretty much just attacked them with colours. Still not sure that was the best call though.

      I definitely did age her. Clearly need to work some more on child proportions at some point.

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    1. Thank you. Sleep, sadly, was not in the cards for last night. I was a bit too stressed out and woke up a lot. Hopefully I’ll have better luck tonight though.

      I agree that I didn’t get the eyebrows quite right. You may be on to something there Children usually have much softer eyebrows. I’ll have to try to figure out how to get a soft eyebrow effect in a dark colour.

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