Day 167: Clever Girl

Clever GirlSo I went and saw the new Jurassic World movie.  I loved it but it left me with raptors on the brain.  It ended up being a ridiculously late night again and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the raptor justice.  Still, it was the only thing I really wanted to draw today.  I tried pretty hard to convince myself to pick something easier to draw but nothing else could hold my interest.  So here she is.  I may try to do a better one another time but for now this is all I’ve got in me.  I love raptors and they really are the stars of the new movie.


9 thoughts on “Day 167: Clever Girl

    1. Thank you 🙂 The problem with starting a sketch after coming home from a movie is that you can’t dedicate enough time to it to render it properly. I’m still quite fond of the raptor though.

      You should definitely see the movie if you get a chance. I really enjoyed it, not just as a Jurassic Park movie (though I am a fan of the series and the books) but also just as a movie in general. I though the pacing was very good and quite refreshing.


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