Day 166: A Very Red Spiky Flowery Thing

A Very Red and Spiky FlowerThis is another sketch from the Something to Draw website that I’ve been raving about lately.  The photo it was based on appears to have been posted by someone with the handle Mukumbura.  It’s some kind of spiky red flower I think.  I’m not quite sure what kind though.  It didn’t exactly turn out the way I was hoping.  My head’s still not quite in the game again yet.  I spent a bit more time on this one than the last couple actually but I think it still could have used more shading and a bit more work on the colours. 

It is awfully red.  Part of that may be because my screen has a red filter on it so everything tends to come out a little bit red.  I still went a bit heavy on the red paints though I think.  There are probably some things I could do to fix that a bit but I am far too tired right now.  Instead I’m going to aim to get to bed a bit earlier tonight and maybe actually get some sleep.  *fingers crossed*

I know, this is getting ridiculous now.  I’ll work it out though.  Thanks for all of the support and suggestions.


4 thoughts on “Day 166: A Very Red Spiky Flowery Thing

  1. There’s nothing wrong with lots of red, it’s bright and cheerful and I like the subtle hints of the petals on the far side of the flower. I really hope you get some sleep – it’s just horrible when you haven’t slept – I start to hallucinate after a couple of rubbish nights!

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