Day 165: Another Very Late Night and Another Very Sketchy Hand

A Watercolour Hand ScribbleI’m still in the midst of this whole vicious not sleeping cycle and for some reason that seems to make my days go by about ten times faster and then suddenly it’s the middle of the night and I still haven’t done my sketch yet.  I’ll break out of it at some point but fr now it’s just more really quick sketches.  So apparently this is the hand pose that I tend to choose when I have absolutely no time to devote to the sketch.  I suppose it’s just my hand at rest which is an easy pose to come up with. 

I didn’t have an eraser handy so it’s quite a scribbly sketch.  I also didn’t put much effort into the colouring unfortunately.  Still, I think it may be a minor improvement over my last ill-fated attempt at this pose which I think was equally rushed (or almost anyway).  Apologies for the repetition.  Eventually I’ll get around to doing a sketch of this pose that I actually put some effort into.  For now though, another attempt at that whole sleeping thing.


6 thoughts on “Day 165: Another Very Late Night and Another Very Sketchy Hand

    1. I am never not drinking tea really. I haven’t managed to get into the habit of doing yoga though. I think the main thing I need to do is stop staring intently at my computer screens late at night and getting distracted by things.

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