Day 164: A Suspicious Looking Dolphin

A Suspicious Looking DolphinSo here’s my sketch for today.  It’s another super speed watercolour sketch.  A 2 minute sketch with some colour thrown on there.  This one actually is from a photo though and not just pulled off the top of my head.  Honestly I’m not sure there’s much at the top of my head to be pulled from.  Luckily the Something to Draw website decided tp be nice to me today and gave me something easier to work with.  Much appreciated as I am now on day 4 of hardly any sleep and running on fumes.

Why is it that it’s so hard to break a bad habit and yet so easy to form them?  In this case I really think sleep deprivation just begets more sleep deprivation.  Tomorrow I will sleep in and hopefully a well rested me with a properly functioning brain will be more sensible and make better decisions.  I shouldn’t say things like that.  Now it’s pretty much guaranteed that something will happen to wake me up.  Construction doesn’t happen on Sundays, right?  Although our neighbour does like to chop down trees in the morning sometimes.  Now I’m just flip flopping between overly optimistic and overly pessimistic.  I need sleep.


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