Day 160: A Sketch of a Random Person

Girl in Bed - pixelweltenIt’s no secret that I’ve started running out of ideas for things to draw lately.  I’m fine on Sundays and Thursdays when I have designated weekly subjects (hands and figures) but the rest of the days I often struggle to come up with something.  I was starting to wonder if I would have to choose a specific subject for each day of the week, or maybe each day of the month.  Thankfully it hasn’t come to that, though I may still do an alphabet month at some point for fun.

Thanks to Nicola at Artistic Adventures I now have a great new resource to cut down on some of my decision making time and give me great new subjects on days when I just can’t figure out what to draw.  She told me about a site called Something To Draw that randomly generates photos of things to draw.  You can break it down into different categories such as people, nature or architecture but for today I didn’t have anything particular in mind to draw so I just went with the first image it gave me.  My days of typing random words into Google image search and hoping for the best are finally coming to an end.

The photo that I used for today’s sketch was contributed by a “pixelwelten”.  I really liked the perspective on it but it was tricky to capture.  I’m afraid I didn’t do the actual photo much justice and my drawing doesn’t bear much resemblance to the subject.  That being said I do actually still like my version, even if it isn’t all that accurate.  This one was definitely very challenging but also fun to do.  One of the great things about this site as opposed to just typing random words into Google image search (okay, yeah, that was never the best long term solution) is that the images are specifically geared towards artists.  The ones I’ve seen so far have all been really great for sketching practice.

To be honest my line drawing for this was absolutely terrible which is where most of the flaws came from.  I’m a bit out of practice with my line drawings.  Once I make it through the watercolour sketchbook I plan to focus a lot more on improving my draftsmanship again.  I am however, impressed by how well the watercolours were able to cover for the bad line art.  Painting really is a whole different beast from just drawing.


13 thoughts on “Day 160: A Sketch of a Random Person

  1. This is superb! I think the drawing and painting are both wonderful. Great perspective and really impressed with her face – I could never dream of painting a person so well. Bravo!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 that’s quite high praise. The perspective was quite tricky but it turned out okay in the end. The face was all shading. I couldn’t get it to look at all right when I was drawing it but putting some shadows in the right places made it turn out much better.


    1. Thank you :)! I worked pretty hard on the shading for this one, mostly because the line drawing was so bad I needed a way to distinguish the features.

      I hope you find the website as useful as I have. I look forward to seeing any sketches you do from it.

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