Day 159: Another Random Animal Sketch

A FoxIt’s time for another random animal sketch.  Mostly I just couldn’t think of anything to draw again today.  I decided that I wanted to draw something from a photograph rather than picking a random object from around the house.  I still had no idea what I actually wanted to draw though.  I tried to get Google to just show me a random image.  I even tried just typing “something” into the Google image search but that didn’t yield anything useful either.  Eventually I just had to make a decision. 

I decided that I would draw an animal because I think I need more practice with those.  In the end I chose a fox because I really like foxes and I haven’t tried to draw one before.  It’s surprising really because I’ve liked foxes ever since I was a kid.  Growing up The Fox and the Hound was one of my favourite Disney movies and I always related most to the fox.  When I was older a friend of mine was seriously considering getting a pet fox for a while and he kept showing me countless pictures and YouTube videos of them.  They are such cute animals, sort of halfway between a cat and a dog.

Sadly I don’t think I did the photo I used for this one much justice.  I am glad that it came out looking like a fox.  There’s just so much in a photo, so many subtle nuances, that can be difficult to capture on a tiny watercolour page.  I probably could have kept improving on this one but I got it to a stage where I was at least moderately satisfied with it so I think I’ll settle with that for now.


5 thoughts on “Day 159: Another Random Animal Sketch

    1. OMG you are such a lifesaver! Thank you! That site is great. It’s exactly what I needed and hadn’t bothered actually putting the effort in to look for yet. You are my favourite person of the day :).

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      1. Thanks for letting me know. I’m sure I’ll get to that at some point when I have a more specific idea of what sort of thing I want to draw. So far I’m just having fun with the front page though.


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