Day 157: Some Fan Art and Another Attempt with the Tablet

Dust Fan ArtI decided to just indulge myself in some fan art today.  In my spare time for the last week or so I’ve been playing a beautifully animated video game called Dust: An Elysian Tail.  This is a drawing of the main character of the game, Dust.  It’s a pretty fun, light game that helps me to unwind at the end of the day and I’ve really been enjoying it.  I also love looking at the beautiful animation and the environments.

I couldn’t think of anything sensible to draw today so I figured I’d just draw something fun instead.  I just copied the promotional art for the game in watercolour and pencil.  Nothing too creative but it was an interesting attempt nonetheless.  I’m definitely way off on all of the colours and I can’t blame all of that on the colour filter on my screen.  I’m still having difficulty figuring out how to get the colours I want.  All in all I think it’s not too bad though.  It seems I can copy things decently wellm now it’s just a matter of learning how to create them.  Piece of cake, right?

On that note, here’s my latest tablet experiment:

A Tablet Attempt in ColourThis time I thought I’d take a shot at colouring in one of my silly cartoon faces.  I’m still having a hard time getting the tablet to do what I want it to do.  It doesn’t help that it kept disconnecting from my computer.  I think the cord may be faulty.  I suppose that’s what happens when you pick up old second hand electronics for cheap.  It made for a pretty frustrating experience but I still gave it a shot.  I’m not sure that I’m really any better at drawing with the tablet than I was with my finger on my phone, although the bigger screen does help.

Anyway, with one drawing copied straight from another artist and one drawn from the imagination I think I covered my bases fairly well today.  Between the two of them I think I learned quite a bit.


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