Day 155: A Basic Figure Drawing and Some Experiments with a Wacom Tablet

Quick Last Minute Mannequin SketchI almost forgot about figure drawing day today.  Almost.  I was a little bit distracted playing with my new toy.  I did remember at the last minute though so I managed to get in a quick mannequin sketch.  He’s still in the same pose from the last two times.  I didn’t bother trying to repose him this time, just switched up the angle again.  One of these days I’ll come up with a new pose for him. 

I was mostly just focusing on shadows again for this one.  The shadows weren’t quite as interesting on this angle as they were last time but I tried to capture them all anyway.  I don’t think it turned out quite as well but I do like how the shadows give it more of a sense of movement somehow.  Despite my minimalistic colouring on this one it still looks much better post colouring than it did pre-colouring.  I need to take more time with my line art.  When I know I still need to colour it I have a bad tendency of being sloppier mostly just to save time.

As for my new toy, well that was quite exciting.  I managed to find a cheap used Wacom tablet to try out.  It’s ancient (in technological terms) but I’m pressed for cash so I’m not going to complain.  I’ve been wanting to try one of these out for ages.  I still want to work on my traditional art skills first and foremost and build up a solid foundation.  It’s still nice to have the option of playing with the digital tools a bit too though.

It did take me forever to get the tablet set up though.  Since it’s such an old model I had to hunt down the drivers and try to find the right ones to install.  The first few times I tried it my computers refused to acknowledge the tablet properly and just insisted on treating it like a mouse.  That was quite frustrating but eventually I got it to work and started playing around with it.

I tried it out on both a Mac and a Windows computer and interestingly they each responded a bit differently.  I’ll have to do more experimenting and try playing around with the settings.

Here are the test drawings that I did on my Mac (the first computer that I managed to convince to recognize the tablet):

Tablet on Mac TestTablet on Mac Test 2

Once I succeeded at getting it set up on the Mac I managed to wrestle up the motivation to troubleshoot the Windows computer and get it running on that one too.  That resulted in a pile more test sketches:

Tablet on Windows Test 1Tablet on Windows Test 2Tablet on Windows Test 3Squiggle CreatureFacial ConstructionConstructed Face

Next I decided to try using the tablet to trace an image.  I thought maybe having a picture there to start with and not having to think about where to draw my next line would allow me to focus a bit more on pen control, which I was struggling with.  So I made a couple of attempts at tracing a picture of Baymax.  He’s quite an easy character to draw but I still struggled with keeping the lines steady.

Baymax Bathtime Baymax Bathtime 2

So there you have it.  These are my first attempts at drawing with a Wacom tablet connected to my computer.  I suppose the good news is that it can only get better from here.


6 thoughts on “Day 155: A Basic Figure Drawing and Some Experiments with a Wacom Tablet

    1. Yes, it is quite odd. That part’s not quite as strange as I’d imagined though (although I do still gravitate a bit towards looking at my hand). The stranger part to adjust to though is the different feel of the pen against the tablet, the tablet size being different from the screen size and the differences in sensitivity.

      I also think my lines come out shakier on the tablet and I haven’t quite figured out why that is. It may just be a sensitivity issue. It’s going to be an adjustment for sure but hopefully I will be able to improve with practice, like in all things.

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      1. It is pretty strange. The nib on mine seems pretty worn which may be part of the problem I’ve been having. I suppose it makes sense that even plastic would wear down eventually with enough repetitive friction.


    1. Thank you :). I’m glad that my drawings are still recognizable in this new medium. Hopefully that means that any further improvements I make in my drawing skills will be able to carry over into better digital drawings down the line.

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