Day 154: Study of a Wooden Boat

Study of a Wooden BoatI really am beginning to run out of ideas of things to draw.  I’m going to have to either make a big list and pick a new item on the list every day or start just drawing doodles and scribbles and let go of my expectations as to what the results might look like.  For today though I managed to find another random household item to draw. 

This is a sketch of a wooden boat that I made in shop class as a child.  Somehow it has survived all of these years.  It’s moved from country to country, continent to continent, following me through life and is still with me up to this point.  I seem to remember not getting a very good mark on it and being lectured on the craftsmanship.  I still think it’s not too shabby though considering I can’t have been older than about 8 when I made it.  It’s still in one piece anyway.

The sketch is not the most accurate representation but all in all I think it turned out okay, albeit very basic.  I really need to start scaling things out before I draw them.  With this one I started on the back of the boat and then realized a little too late that the prow wasn’t going to fit on the page anymore.  I ended up squishing it a bit to try to get at least a little of it in.  As a result the proportions turned out a little wonky.  The actual boat itself is a bit more sensible looking.  In the end though, it doesn’t matter too much.  This is just a drawing of a handmade representation of an imaginary object.  I suppose accuracy doesn’t really enter into it at all.


8 thoughts on “Day 154: Study of a Wooden Boat

  1. I think drawing what’s around you is fine. Just think of all the objects in your kitchen alone! And doing the same thing over again is not only OK, but a good way to see what you missed the first time.
    (And I’m impressed you could make such a complicated boat as an 8-year-old.)

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m still quite proud of it. My teachers clearly had extremely high expectations of 8-year-olds. I suppose that’s a good thing in a way though. It was definitely interesting to draw.

      I do definitely learn a lot by drawing the same thing over and over again, like with the one hand pose that I’ve repeated three times now unintentionally. It just feels boring when I’m always posting variations of the same thing. It’s also more disappointing if I’m not seeing improvement since I have a more solid point of comparison.

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