Day 153: An Unfortunate Train Passenger

An Unfortunate Train PassengerI know we’re only two days into the month right now but I have to say that so far June isn’t exactly shaping up to be my best sketching month yet.  Call me negative but honestly I just haven’t been able to get my head into it.  Hopefully it’s just a temporary funk that I’ll come out of soon and I’ll be doing more interesting and impressive sketches before the month is out.  I’m not quite pessimistic enough to call the whole month a bust quite yet … I’m just not happy about the current trend.

Take today’s drawing for example.  It’s an unfortunate sketch of a poor unsuspecting passenger on the train I took home today.  I was pretty tired, still, and I just couldn’t get into it properly so the results were not good.  It’s didn’t help that my subject did a decent amount of moving about but that wasn’t really the problem.

I picked someone interesting to draw but I just couldn’t get any of the lines right.  In the end I just gave up on trying to make it look at all like the person.  This is a quick watercolour sketch of a person.  It looks absolutely nothing like the person it was supposed to be.  I’ll just have to settle for it looking mostly human for now.


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