Day 152: A Quick Bat Sketch

A Quick Bat SketchJust another quick google image search animal sketch again for today.  I ended up staying up a tad too late last night again.  Definitely some bad decisions there.  So as a result I was completely exhausted all day today.  I’ve also been continuing to wrestle with various computer things that hopefully are finally going to be reaching a somewhat stable point soon.  Okay, I know, none of these things are ever stable.  There’s always something that needs doing. 

The point was that I’m very very tired and couldn’t come up with anything to draw again today.  Also, I wanted to avoid trying anything too complicated that would have me staying up all night again and being even more tired tomorrow.  The result of all that was this bat.  Mine is far less cute than the photo was but overall it does still look like a bat so I’m going to call it a success.


8 thoughts on “Day 152: A Quick Bat Sketch

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I don’t really find bats all that creepy. They’re kind of cute in a strange way. I suppose it’s one of those things that we’re programmed to feel uncomfortable about them because they’re creatures of the night and we never really see them properly.

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