Day 151: Another Trip to the Beach

Lounging at the BeachWe decided to take another beach trip today.  It was really beautiful and I saw lot of amazing things that I definitely don’t have the skill to capture yet but will have to at least attempt sometime.  I did bring my sketchbook with me though and ended up doing a bit of sketching on the beach since the water was a bit cold for my tastes.  I used my watercolour sketchbook to keep working my way through that but sadly I didn’t bring my watercolour paints with me.

Maybe if I had paints or at least pastels or pencil crayons with me I would have worked up the courage to try a landscape.  As it is though the beach is a wonderful place to practice figure drawing.  I did some quick rough pencil sketches on the beach and then coloured them in when I got home.  My subjects were still doing a bit of moving about as I was drawing them but in general people resting on the beach seem to do better at remaining stationary.

I didn’t forget about hand day either though.  I was mostly focused on the beach goers but I did still find time to squeeze in a quick sketch of my hand.  I tried to draw someone else’s hand while I had other subjects available but they decided to move it almost as soon as I started drawing it.  It turns out that this is another pose I’ve done before, though I didn’t remember that at the time.  I’m not so sure I improved much on this one since my last attempt and I didn’t put much effort into the colouring.  Still, I’m making progress even if it is slow at times.  It’s all just practice, practice, practice.

Hand at Rest


5 thoughts on “Day 151: Another Trip to the Beach

    1. Thank you 🙂 My sketches were pretty loose in the first place and by the time I got around to doing the colouring it was really late and I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on it. I opted for simplicity mostly to save time which is what gave it that almost impressionistic quality. I think it does kind of work though.

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