Day 148: A Mannequin in Motion

A Mannequin in MotionIt’s Figure Drawing Thursday again!  Hey, I’m getting good at remembering my arbitrarily assigned days for working on specific subjects.  Maybe it’s because those are the days when I don’t have to scratch my head trying to figure out what to draw.  It’s a nice little time saver.

So here’s my second watercolour mannequin.  I stuck a bit more to normal wooden colours for my mannequin this time but got a little creative with the background instead.  This mannequin sketch just didn’t strike me as being any particular type of person like the last one did.  I was a bit more interested in the lights and shadows on the surface.

I also tried to go for the bolder colours this time.  I’ve been meaning to try that and the mannequin seemed like a good thing to test it on.  For yesterday’s portrait the softer pastel colours felt more appropriate for the tone of the image.  Today’s seemed like it could go a bit bolder though.  Anyway I didn’t think the mannequin would look as strange if I completely screwed up the colours as an actual portrait of a person would.  I might do more colour experiments with these guys in the coming weeks.

I actually repeated the same pose as last week’s figure drawing, just from a different angle.  It may not be exactly the same because he’s bee jostled around a bit and fallen over a few times in the past week but I didn’t actively move any of his limbs because I found the pose he was in interesting.  I think this is a nice, slightly strange unsymmetrical pose that looks very different from different angles and it’s a fun one to study.  Also he always feels more boring to me when I’m actuslly trying to pose him.  Maybe I’ll just keep knocking him around for a while and let him do his own thing instead of trying to pose him.  It seems to be working out okay anyway.


10 thoughts on “Day 148: A Mannequin in Motion

    1. Thank you! I feel like the strange shadow I put in behind the figure make it look more like it’s moving which I like. The shadows on the figure were copied from life, I really liked how it looked.


    1. Thank you, I was pretty happy with how the shadows turned out. I also liked the way it looked with the colour just on one side. I was originally thinking of surrounding the whole figure but it felt like having it just on one side gave it a greater sense of motion and a strange lighting.

      Also, I agree that a tennis racket would go well with this one. I didn’t think of it as a tennis pose but now that you mention it it works well.

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