Day 144: A Somewhat Simpler Sunday Hand Sketch

A Nice Simple Hand SketchAlright, so this is a pose I’ve done before.  I know.  It was recently even.  For some reason I just find this pose interesting and I can’t come up with something new all the time.  I was bound to start repeating myself at some point.  I think I actually improved quite a bit over my last attempt at this pose though, which is quite encouraging for me.  Also, this time it’s in colour!  It’s not just a naked line drawing, sitting there waiting to be given form.

Today’s watercolouring was much more basic and minimalistic.  I kind of like it though.  Today I decided to try something a bit new, or rather an extension of the method I tried yesterday.  It was sort of a really simple throw it to the wind and see what happens approach.  I didn’t even touch my palette which was a bit scary so I didn’t have any premixed colours.  I just guesstimated the right mix of colours to get onto my brush and then put them on the page and tried to make them work.

It was very interesting and I think it worked out much better today than it did yesterday.  Maybe not something to do on the more detailed drawings.  For this one I didn’t even attempt details and only used my broad brush.  I think it worked out much better that way though.  There’s still some obvious kinks to work out but I might try this approach again sometime.  At some point I will still have to get better at mixing paints though.


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