Day 141: An Oddly Coloured Mannequin

A Strangely Coloured MannequinIt is figure drawing day again and I actually didn’t forget it again.  I’m getting good at this now.  Not the drawing part but the remembering part.  That’s still a good step though.  It leads to more consistent practice and that in turn (I hope) leads to better drawing.

I decided on another mannequin sketch for my figure drawing practice.  Despite its lack of pose-ability I’ve still grown quite attached to it.  It allows me to combine life drawing practice with figure drawing practice without … you know … trying to actually draw a person.  That’s still too scary.  Unfortunately today I didn’t quite fit the whole mannequin on the page.  I misjudged the scaling there a little bit.  Oh well, it’s still most of a figure drawing.  Plus today it gets to actually be in colour!

I chose some pretty strange colours for it though.  I was mostly just picking whichever colours appealed to me.  I decided to stick to shades of yellow, brown and red for the actual figure.  Then later I decided to aim for sort of a medieval feel.  It didn’t quite turn out like I envisioned but it was an interesting experiment and a learning experience.


4 thoughts on “Day 141: An Oddly Coloured Mannequin

  1. I’m seeing a miniskirt and thigh-high red leather boots here! I’m impressed by your dedication to keep drawing this figure. I’m terrible and get bored of a subject before the paint is even dry on my first attempt.

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    1. Lol, thank you! 🙂 I have to admit that I was getting bored at several points during this but I persevered somehow.

      I was sort of picturing a miniskirt and thigh high boots when I was setting out to colour this one so I’m glad that came across :). Something about the way I drew the mannequin just made me decide that it was a girl in a miniskirt rather than the sort of robotic man I usually think of it as.

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