Day 139: A View of a Cluttered Desk

View of a Cluttered DeskToday I decided to practice my perspective drawing a bit by sketching out the very cluttered desk that my husband and I share space on.  I can’t say that I was too successful with this one.  This is only about half of the clutter that’s currently on the desk and I’m afraid my perspective and proportions aren’t very consistent.  It’s really difficult to just eyeball perspective in a drawing from life but I think it’s good practice. 

I was actually going to just do the Kleenex box but that seemed a bit too boring so I decided that the Kleenex box needed to be sitting on the desk.  Then it became a question of how many of the other things sitting on the desk should be included as well.  It ended up being a far more complicated sketch than I set out to do.  I think I did alright for consistent perspective and proportions on the Kleenex box and CDs which is what I started with.  By the time I got around to adding in the laptops though (at the end) the proportions and perspectives of the different objects were sort of all over the place.  Still, I do think I’m slowly improving.

Since today’s sketch was a bit more challenging for me than my usual drawings I decided to keep the colouring fairly simple.  The colours got a bit bolder as I went along because I wasn’t really paying too much attention to mixing them and was just trying them out on the page.  So my watercolouring for today was pretty much just a matter of splashing colours on the page again.  Even so, the more I practice the more familiar I become with the medium.  Maybe eventually I’ll understand how to get it to cooperate better.


4 thoughts on “Day 139: A View of a Cluttered Desk

    1. Lol, it does indeed. If you can actually wrap your head around it and get it down properly it makes things look about a million times better though. Definitely worth putting some effort into even if progress is slow. I’m glad you’re enjoying my colour work. It’s sort of a nice change of pace. I’m trying not to lose site of getting my line work down though.

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