Day 138: An Experiment with Colour

Rainbow DragonToday was one of those days where I just didn’t want to have to think.  It wasn’t actually a bad day at all.  No sad paintings today.  It was just a long day and I did too much thinking during the day so I didn’t have any brainpower left for painting.  I was going to just splash random colours on the page but I decided that I had to at least draw something.  In the end I compromised.  I drew something and then splashed random colours on top of it.

I’m counting this as a life drawing because it is very very loosely based on another one of my statues.  I wasn’t exactly going for accuracy here.  There would be too much thinking involved in that.  I was just roughly following the lines of the statue and sketching them onto the page.  Still, I figure the fact that I looked at a real life object is enough to qualify it.  The colours however are not based on anything at all.  I’m still just trying to learn my way around them.


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