Day 134: Mannequin The Third

Mannequin the ThirdAfter missing my Sunday hand sketch earlier this week (or is it last week? I can never figure out quite where Sundays fit into the equation), I decided that I’d better make sure not to miss my Thursday figure drawing practice.  I didn’t have any strokes of inspiration so I just drew another mannequin pose.

I feel like if I’m going to keep drawing him I’ll have to give him a name at some point.  Manny?  A bit too on the nose maybe but I’m partial to it nonetheless.  Manny the Mannequin is a nice solid albeit completely cliched name.  I can’t really think of any others that would suit him.  He seems like such a cheesy guy to begin with.

I’m still frustrated by his lack of pose-ability. We’ve been having a bit of a cold spell so I was sitting around freezing my butt off and complaining endlessly about how cold it is.  I wanted to make Manny cross his arms and look like he was shivering too but he just wouldn’t comply.  His arms don’t bend more than a tiny bit.  So I just drew this pose instead.  It was actually the first one I thought of, earlier in the day before I got so obsessed with how cold I was.  It’s not too bad but I’m not really sure what he was doing with his legs.  Anyway, I’m just glad I was able to produce some vaguely straight lines with how much shivering I was doing.  I think I’m going to go curl up in my nice warm bed and get some sleep now.


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