Day 133: A Belated Hand Sketch

A Belated Sunday Hand SketchSo I’ve been pretty busy for the last few days between mother’s day portraits and birthday cards and stupid amounts of baking as well as actually spending some time with my husband on his birthday.  In fact I’ve been so busy that I missed my Sunday hand sketch for the first time all year.  That’s right, my streak of doing a hand sketch every Sunday of the years is officially broken. 

I won’t say that I forgot because I actually did remember about it on Sunday evening but this was at the time when I was giving up on finishing the Mother’s Day Portrait because I needed to sleep.  I also remembered about it on Monday evening but decided that doing the card was more important.

So now, halfway through the week I’ve finally gotten around to doing a belated Sunday hand sketch.  It’s quite late but at least I still did one.  I’ll try to get back to doing them every Sunday from here on out.  I think my perspective is a bit wonky on this one, particularly for the back two knuckles.  This is sort of how it looked to me but it just doesn’t look right on paper.  I made a halfhearted attempt to fix it but it didn’t really improve anything.  I think I got the overall shape a bit wrong.  Clearly I need to keep up with my Sunday hand sketches a bit better.


2 thoughts on “Day 133: A Belated Hand Sketch

    1. Thanks. The simplicity was mostly born out of tiredness. Even three days late I still didn’t get around to it until the wee hours of the morning. (I guess that technically makes it four days late)

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