Day 128: Some Awful Drawings of People at the Mall

Awful Sketches of Random PeopleI basically just wanted to erase this whole page.  It’s quite likely that I would have had I actually had the foresight to bring my eraser with me this morning.  Alas, the eraser was left sitting abandoned on my desk and as punishment I am stuck uploading these terrible sketches to the internet.  That’ll teach me.

The other important lesson that I learned today was that it is far easier drawing spontaneous life sketches of people sitting in waiting room than it is drawing sketches of people at the shops.  They just don’t stay still for more than two seconds!  It’s almost as if they had their own busy lives to lead … and no compassion for my poor nerves!  Every time I chose a subject and began to draw them they would disappear.

In short, this is another one of those things that I definitely need more practice with.  Unsurprisingly, I do much better with stationary subjects than with moving and disappearing subjects.


6 thoughts on “Day 128: Some Awful Drawings of People at the Mall

    1. Thank you. I would get the outline of the hair and a rough outline of the head down. Then when I looked up again to get the face they would be gone. Pesky people going about their business.

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    1. Thank you. I’m afraid the faces are all completely inaccurate. I was getting some idea of hair and hats, interesting distinctions in appearance. I never managed to get a good idea of what their facial structures were like before they disappeared though. Those were all pure guesswork and looked nothing like the actual people.

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