Day 127: Another Date with the Mannequin

My Friend the MannequinLook, I actually remembered my figure drawing day this week! I did pretty badly, but doing it badly is still better than not doing it at all.

I have a really early morning tomorrow and am really tired so I needed to do something quick. It actually takes a surprisingly long time to come up with poses for all of those stick people I usually do. So I just pulled out the trusty mannequin and tried to draw him again.

I really did try to put him into a more interesting pose this time. He just won’t bend properly. He refuses to pose nicely for me so this one was the best I could manage. That may be for the best as I seem to have had quite a bit of difficulty with the proportions as it is. He came out a bit strange looking. I maybe should have plotted out the proportions first.  I would blame my tiredness but I feel like that excuse is getting worn.  I’ll just have to take another shot at it sometime.


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