Day 125: Some More Robot Head Constructions

Robot Head ConstructionsI felt like drawing more of my robot heads today.  Last time I did this tinkererofwords commented on the difficult in transitioning from a robot head to an actual head.  I find the robot heads really helpful for encouraging me to conceptualize the basic construction of a human head but I haven’t really tried to build on them too often.  I didn’t really spend too much time on today’s sketches but I wanted to at least do a couple of rough attempts at turning the robot heads into something a little more human looking. 

All I really did here was place some really basic looking features on top of my robot head constructions.  The results are pretty close to the cartoony faces I sometimes draw for fun.  Those are usually built on more basic construction lines but the idea is essentially the same.  I do have a better idea of the overall structure of the cartoon faces built on robot heads though.  It was an interesting expertiment.

I also got to get a bit of mileage on my brand new 2B pencil.  Naturally I had to test out the pencils in the store so I did a few more silly doodles on the paper they provided.  This is what my cartoon faces look like with no underlying construction at all:

Sketches in the StoreI lost my old 2B pencil a few weeks ago and I’ve really missed it.


4 thoughts on “Day 125: Some More Robot Head Constructions

    1. Thank you 🙂 I quite enjoyed doing this. It gave me an interesting new perspective on the facial structures, even though I was really only putting very basic features on them. Thanks for giving me the idea :).


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