Day 123: Another Somewhat Bizarre Perspective on a Hand

A Less Bad Hand SketchI’ve been doing a lot of complaining about my hand drawings of late.  Today’s came a bit easier to me than the last few have.  I felt a bit more like my head was in the right place again.

It still looks a little bit off to me.  I’m not sure that the proportions are quite right.  There may be too much distance between the thumb and the rest of the hand.  The base of the thumb looks a little too big, a little too fat maybe.  Something still just seems off.  However, even if this drawing may not quite qualify as good, at least it seems a bit less bad than … well basically all of my April hand sketches and even some of my March ones.

That’s encouraging.  It’s a good start to a new month.  I think the key was just disengaging my mind a bit.  I have a tendency to over think things pretty much all of the time.  Today was the first time in a long time that I just sat down and drew something.  I didn’t worry about what to draw or stress out about how to do it.  I just thought “Okay, today is hand day so let’s draw my hand”.  Then I sat down with my sketchbook and just started to draw my hand in the position that it happened to be sitting in without thinking about it.  It was a refreshing experience.  I think I need to learn to turn my overactive mind off a bit more often.


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