Day 120: Some Sketches of People from Life

Quick Sketches of PeopleI had an appointment earlier today so I decided to do some quick sketches of people in the waiting area.  Unfortunately I only got a couple of these done before my name was called.

To fill up the page I did another quick self portrait from the mirror.  There’s not much to it since I wanted to do it in the same quick two minute style as the others.  Still, I suppose it will have to count as my self portrait for April.  I did say that I’d do about one a month and I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  Technically this one was actually done in May because it was after midnight by the time I got around to it.  I make the rules though and I’m going to count it for April.

I forgot how much fun these quick sketches of random people can be.  I need to do some more of them.  I just don’t get out enough.


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