Day 119: Another Batch of Beach Balls and Robot Heads

Another Batch of Robot HeadsFor today I decided to go back to doing some of my beach ball and robot head construction drawings.  These are pretty fun to do and my attention span and ability to focus are still quite suboptimal right now.  All of these were random poses chosen by rolling my Styrofoam ball around the desk and drawing it in whichever position it lands in.  I still haven’t decided if that’s enough to qualify these as life drawings or not but it’s definitely an interesting exercise.

Here’s a picture of the Styrofoam ball that I use as a starting point for all of these (I drew the axis lines on it using sharpies):

Styrofoam Beach Ball Model

The thing I learned today was that what you end up with has a lot more to do with how you choose to see it than how it actually is.  A lot of these ended up looking like they were in the same position.  When I see it as the base of a face though, rather than just a ball, even almost identical positions can look completely different just because I’m placing the imagined face on a different plane of the ball.  At some point I’ll do some coloured versions of these to give you a better idea of what I mean.

Another Batch of Beach Balls

I think the rest and better food may actually be helping me to recover from whatever bug I picked up so I need to keep up with that.  I’m still feeling pretty run down, stuffy nosed and foggy headed but my energy level is a bit better today than it has been for the last couple days.  Of course as soon as I try to focus on something I get a headache which doesn’t leave me with too many options for my new found energy.  Still, I think it’s a step in the right direction.


5 thoughts on “Day 119: Another Batch of Beach Balls and Robot Heads

  1. Drawing these robot heads are always fun. 😀
    Although the problem when I practice these is that “furthering” them, to fully established faces with complete features, is ALWAYS too daunting. So I always end up with cool looking robot heads, but robot heads only!
    Have you ever faced a similar problem? 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I can definitely relate to that. I’ve only actually gone through the process of starting with a full robot head and then placing all the features and turning into an actual portrait a couple of times. One of those was the Christopher Eccleston one actually.

      Usually I just use these to practice basic facial structure and kind of internalize the distances between things and where everything goes. Even when I’m not putting all of the features on I find that just drawing the structure out and thinking about where everything goes can be really helpful. Also, as you said, robot heads look pretty cool. It would almost be a shame to ruin them with human features 😉

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      1. haha wow! Well, you ought to be congratulated then, at advancing from robot head to Christopher Eccleston! 😀

        As a fellow rookie artist, it’s pretty inspiring to see that you CAN progress from just random robot heads that are fun, yet still do sometimes make you feel lightyears away from being able to draw “proper & complete” drawings, if you know what I mean. 🙂

        BUT your blog and the effort to draw, in spite of not being a pro, really is motivating and that too motivation that is accessible for ANYONE to take and translate into betterment for their own work.

        So I hope you’ll always able to do that for all us newbie artists who’re stubborn enough to not stop drawing. 🙂

        (oh and sorry, I do blabber a lot! 😀 )

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      2. Thank you :). I was still using a reference photo for the Christopher Eccleston sketch. I just drew out a robot head of him first to get the structure down and then built on it.

        I think robot heads are really great for improving your concept of basic facial structure. They really help me to sort out angles and proportions and perspective within the face.

        I’m glad that you find my efforts motivating. Don’t worry about the blabbering. I don’t mind. I have quite the tendency towards rambling myself :).


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