Day 118: A Banana and a Hairbrush

A Banana and a HairbrushI’ve got some pretty slim offerings again today I’m afraid.  I’m still feeling pretty run down and just trying to rest and help my body fight off whatever bug it picked up.  I’ve been trying to eat pretty healthy for the last couple days for the same reason.  So to keep my sweet tooth satisfied I’m working my way through our fruit supply.  I tried a custard apple for the first time today.  It’s a pretty interesting tropical fruit and quite tasty.  I like the look of it too so it might be a good one to draw sometime.  Unfortunately we only had one and it got eaten so there weren’t any left to draw.  I had to settle for a banana instead. 

I actually had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to draw a banana or a hairbrush so I just put the hairbrush behind the banana.  It’s a bit odd looking but I didn’t really like the banana just by itself either so here we are.

Hopefully I’ll be up and running again soon.  I suppose I need to get better at actually incorporating some kind of rest and relaxation into my daily routine.  Maybe then my body won’t feel the need to knock me out and force me to rest.


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