Day 114: Some Attempts at Figures and Gestures

Young Boy Gesture StudyI completely forgot that yesterday was supposed to be figure drawing day!  Silly me.  Maybe that’s why the gods cursed me with those terrible portrait attempts.  I guess figure drawing day just isn’t as deeply ingrained into my consciousness as hand drawing day is.  So in an attempt to appease the gods I decided to try for some figures today.  I’m woefully out of practice with these.

The first thing I was working on was trying to block out the figures in the family portrait I’ve been working on.  I’m trying to sort out the proportional relationships between all of the different figures and so far not really making much progress.  It’s really not much to look like.  I didn’t really even try to make them look like humans for this.  I was just trying to get them all on the same page and have them be an appropriate size.  I don’t really think I succeeded yet though.  Some of them are too tall and I haven’t really figured out how to get the last two figures on the page.  I think I’m going to have to rearrange things a bit.  Not today though.

Family Portrait - Rough Block In

So since that was pretty much a failure as far as figure drawing goes I decided to do a few 60 second gesture drawings from Posemaniacs.  I’m definitely out of practice with these.  It’s been ages since I even tried them and I wasn’t ever actually good at them.  Most of these don’t look like humans either.

April 24 - Speed Gestures 6a April 24 - Speed Gestures 6b

The last sketch (the one at the top of the page) was mostly just done because I hadn’t drawn anything in my regular sketchbook yet.  I was getting a bit OCD about the idea of missing a day in my sketchbook (even though I had been drawing in other sketchbooks).  Doing that one made me feel much better.  Also, I think it helped to draw at least one thing that looked vaguely human, even if it was just a quick sketch.


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