Day 112: Time for Another Full Portrait Study

Older Woman - Portrait StudyIt’s been a while since I actually finished a full portrait study.  I’ve started a few of them but haven’t been posting many finished ones.  So today I decided that it was high time that I took another shot at doing an actual portrait.  This isn’t anyone famous, just another study for the family portrait I’ve been preparing for.  I suppose this one isn’t exactly properly finished either but that’s just because I really didn’t care about her clothes at all.  I just wanted to get the face right.  On that front I think I was at least partially successful. 

It’s not exactly the best likeness to my subject.  I ended up with the head tilted at a slightly different angle from my reference photo so I was having to make a lot of adjustments along the way.  It was challenging to capture the character and expression of my subject while making the appropriate adjustments to the angles of the features based on the new angle of the head.  I think it was quite a useful exercise though.  The one thing I can say for certain now is that adults are definitely much easier to draw than children are.


6 thoughts on “Day 112: Time for Another Full Portrait Study

    1. Thank you. Figuring out negative spaces can be pretty tricky. I actually think if anything I might have made her face a bit too angular here. I was just working on giving it form and expression. I’m glad you liked it though :).

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  1. This looks very nice, I definitely see improvement in your portraits. All your hard work is paying off! I need to try children, apparently. I drew my daughter at 15 months, and that’s it. It was interesting and different, now I think about it, but I thought it was because she’s my daughter. Maybe not lol. This looks really good. I’m getting some of her personality here.

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    1. Thank you. I was trying really hard to get the personality I could see in the photo across in my drawing. It was pretty tricky to capture and I found the expression actually was coming through in a lot of unexpected places. I’m quite happy with the result though. It may not be a perfect likeness but I feel like it has a lot of character which I’m pleased about.

      Children are definitely worth practicing. They are very challenging. I think it’s a little easier if you know the child very well but still quite a bit more difficult than doing an adult portrait. The biggest challenge is that their features are constantly growing and shifting so if you want to capture an exact moment in time you have to be very specific with your proportions and facial structure.

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  2. You really capture personality well. All of your people are distinct, not generic. Of course as usual I can’t say if it “really” looks like the person, but it is definitely an individual and not a type.

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