Day 110: Some Baby Face Studies

Baby Face StudiesToday I decided to try to do some studies of a baby’s face from photos.  These are just really rough sketches to try to get the feel of it.  I’m not sure I really got the feel for anything here though.  I have decided that baby faces are really hard.  I think I got the proportions wrong in most of these.  Some of them just look like giant fat guys which really wasn’t the intent at all.  I definitely need to work on this a bit more.

I think the most difficult is drawing a baby’s face from front view.  Side view give you a bit more distinction between a baby and an adult just from the shape of the head.  That makes it much easier to get right.  Form the front view though you’re relying pretty much entirely on proportions to distinguish a baby’s face from a chubby balding man’s face.  That can be really challenging.


6 thoughts on “Day 110: Some Baby Face Studies

  1. Lol, A balding fat man..
    I don’t think any of them look like balding fat men – but some of them are rather small kids than babies in my mind. I don’t know if they’re really supposed to be new-born-ish-babies or if there’s some 2-3year-olds amongst them. I think they’re quite good. Especially the top right one and the middle one. The buttom right looks the oldest, but nothing more than a chubby 8-year old who’s gone a little too hard on the candy.

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    1. Thank you. The photos were pretty much all within the first year. It’s just my proportions that kept shifting. I think the middle one is the only one that has any real resemblance. The top right is okay as far as faces go but doesn’t have much of a likeness. It looks too chubby and too old. The others pretty much don’t have any likeness at all. The proportions on these are really hard to get down.

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      1. Yes getting the right age is difficult. I’m finding that when I do the family groups some look close to their age, and some don’t. Or the proportions might be OK for just that person, but they’re all off in relation to the others.

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      2. Yeah, I’m pretty worried about getting the proportions of different people in relation to each other right once I start putting these together. Right now I’m focusing on getting ages right and individual proportions but that will be the next step. Family groups are definitely tricky but it’s a great challenge and a nice learning experience.


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