Day 108: A Half-Finished Sketch

Mother and Baby - Basic Rough StudyI fully intended to actually finish this sketch.  I was hiccuping all through drawing it so I decided to take a bit of a rest after the initial rough sketching stage.  Then I somehow got roped into watching a movie on TV with my family.  I just can’t resist cheesy sci-fi movies.  It’s a weakness of mine.  By the time that was all done it was ridiculously late and I didn’t have time to finish my barely started study.  Oh well, it will just have to go up as is or else I’ll never get any sleep.  That would be bad because I really do need sleep, desperately.

I’m really unhappy with both of the faces in this one.  I was intending to go over them both again before I decided to take a rest.  The baby’s face I think needs to be completely redone.  The entire structure is basically off and it just looks strange.  The mother’s face is not as bad structurally but the nose and mouth need to be fixed.  I may come back to this one again at some point to try to do a better job of it.  I really like the photo that I was drawing this from and would like to do it better justice.  For now though, this will have to do.


3 thoughts on “Day 108: A Half-Finished Sketch

    1. Thanks. Family drawings are definitely hard. I think it was mostly the proportions of the baby’s face itself that were off here though. I seem to be struggling with those.


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