Day 105: Thumbnails and Colour Comps

Thumbnails and Colour CompsI’ve been threatening to work on some thumbnails and colour comps for a while yet.  Now I’ve finally actually started a project early enough that I had time to do some of them.  It’s all part of the fake it ’til you make it strategy.  If I prepare like a pro then maybe the end result will look a little closer to professional work.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got this whole colour comp thing all wrong though.  I was supposed to pick one of the thumbnails first and then do a bunch of different colour comps for that one thumbnail.  Instead I just did all of them in the same colours just to get a better idea of how they looked.  I still haven’t actually chosen one yet.  Anyone have any ideas about which version I should go with?


3 thoughts on “Day 105: Thumbnails and Colour Comps

  1. I like the colors, they work well together.
    I admire you; I never plan anything out this way. I have such a short attention span, I would be exhausted of it before I even really got started. Although when I designed, I would often do thumbnails for my customers to look at…of course then I didn’t have to make any decisions: they did the choosing. Are you doing this for someone? You could let them choose.

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    1. Thank you. I’m not usually very good at planning either but I find it helps when I want to do a proper drawing with multiple figures and I want it to look nice. I wouldn’t really know where to start if I were to just dive right in and I’d probably have to go over everything a bunch of times trying to fix it as I went.

      I am doing this for someone but I’m planning it as a surprise gift so I’ll still have to do the choosing. I asked my husband but he’s no help either. They’re all pretty similar so once I’ve done a bit more prep work I’ll probably just pick whichever I like most at the moment and start on it.


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