Day 104: Another Portrait Study of a Little Boy

Study of a Little Boy - Line DrawingI’m working my way through these studies of young children.  I think I’m getting a little better as I go.  This is another little boy.  You can try to guess his age too if you like although it seems I’m still struggling to get appropriate ages across in my children sketches.  I had intended to do a fully shaded study like the previous one but my plans got derailed a bit so it ended up just being a line drawing for today. 

I maxed out my phone storage taking progress pictures of this line drawing so I will need to free up some space before I can post more sketches.  It’s a little late in the day to worry about freeing up storage space on my phone so I’m going to just leave it until tomorrow.  It’s probably for the best since shading tends to take a while and it’s getting really late already.  I would be in danger of not getting any sleep again if I kept going.

I still have a few of these studies left to do anyway.  I may do a properly shaded drawing of this boy from a different angle later.  I have a vague goal in mind for these but I need to plot it out before I get in too deep.


9 thoughts on “Day 104: Another Portrait Study of a Little Boy

    1. Thank you 🙂 He’s actually about 3 and a half in the reference photo for this one so you’re pretty close! I’m glad I managed to make this one look younger. It helps that he still has some toddler features.

      Teeth are pretty hard but I decided to give them a shot for this one. I think the smile wouldn’t have looked very good without them.

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    1. Thanks. I usually try to steer clear of full on front views because they tend to look a bit flat. I liked the expression for this one though so I decided to try it out. The symmetry can definitely be a challenge but after screwing it up pretty badly on my last one I was pretty focused on getting it right for this one.

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