Day 103: A Portrait Study of a Young Boy

Young Boy - Portrait StudyToday I decided to sacrifice my dreams of getting some sleep in order to finally do one of these portrait studies.  This is a portrait of one of the young boys I’ve been trying to draw.  I really wanted to get one of these properly fleshed out so that I can get a better idea of the underlying facial structure and properly study my new subject.  These properly fleshed out ones take a lot longer but they also get much closer to achieving a proper likeness.  I think I captured the appropriate age much better in this one than I have in my previous quick sketches.  Does anyone want to take a guess at what age he’s supposed to be?

Children are still quite difficult to draw for me but I think I’m beginning to improve.  I think the elderly are by far the easiest for me to draw and then the younger my subject is the more difficult it becomes.  I’m working towards doing another family portrait so I’m trying to get the different ages down.  It’ll probably be slow going but I’ll try to work on it whenever I get a chance.  The first step is doing some of these studies.


18 thoughts on “Day 103: A Portrait Study of a Young Boy

    1. I though I was doing better with the ages but now that I look at it again he does look a lot older than I intended. I think the shading aged him.

      He’s actually only 5 but no one got it. He probably does look closer to 10 really. This drawing children thing really is difficult.


      1. I think it’s really hard to tell even from a photo between age 5 and 10 just from the face. The differences will be subtle and usually the giveaway factor would be how tall they are. I think this is a really good drawing.

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    1. Thank you. They are definitely really hard to draw.

      Children’s proportions are constantly changing as different parts of their bodies grow. In order to get the child’s age across you need to get the proportions just right. I’m still not there yet but I’m working on it.

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    1. Thank you. He’s definitely very good at smiling.

      I think there are basically three main stages for children before they reach adolescence: the toddler stage, the little kid stage and the older school kid stage. This one was supposed to be in the middle stage but I think I was a bit off on the proportions and then the shading aged him even more. He’s supposed to be 5 and instead he came off looking closer to 10.

      At least he still looks like a kid though. I just need to fine tune the aging thing a bit more.

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    1. Kids are definitely hard. Their proportions are constantly changing. It’s really difficult to get them just right but if you don’t they end up looking the wrong age.

      This boy was actually 5 in the reference photo I used. I accidentally aged him a bit in my drawing. I’ll have to work on that.

      You were the closest to getting it right though with your guess of 8 to 9. I guess that makes you the winner :).

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