Day 102: Another Busy Day and a Messy Hand

The Scribble HandFeels like I’m just full of excuses these days.  Today pretty much just got away on me.  One of these days I really will have a (at least mostly) technology free day and it will be glorious.  A girl can dream, right?  Right now I just have a lot of things that I’m trying to get set up.  Also I’ve got taxes to worry about.  So definitely super speed rough sketches for the rest of April I think.  I was hoping to get a bit more drawing done on weekends but it’s not looking too good so far.  I really need to get myself more organized.

So all I’ve got for today is this really messy looking hand.  This is basically what happens when I can’t decide if I want to do an actual drawing of a hand or just a construction sketch.  It’s a little bit of both I guess (and not much of either).  Still, at least it’s recognizable as a hand … mostly.


4 thoughts on “Day 102: Another Busy Day and a Messy Hand

    1. Thank you. I think I could have probably cleaned it up and it wouldn’t have really looked any worse than my other hands. My head just wasn’t in the right place for that though.


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