Day 99: Meet My Friend the Mannequin

Mannequins and Stick PeopleToday I decided to finally introduce you all to my little mannequin friend.  I picked this little guy up on sale at an art store early last week but hadn’t gotten around to trying to draw him yet.  Today being figure drawing day though seemed like a good time to make the first attempt.  I’m not entirely sure how useful these things are.  It was quite interesting to draw and it does give me a nice way of breaking the human figure down into more basic 3D shapes so that’s good.  I’m not overly impressed with his pose-ability though.  He doesn’t bend all that well at the joints which is quite disappointing since it really limits his usefulness in terms of experimenting with drawing figures performing different actions. 

The mannequin does give me a better opportunity to practice better proportions, perspective and basic form in the human figure, which is nice.  It’s lack of pose-ability led me to draw a few more stick figures too to get more practice with capturing different actions.  I kind of like the combination of the two.  I suppose once I get a bit better at drawing figures I’ll be able to expand on my stick figures and make them more mannequin-like.  For now though, this is what figure drawing day looks like.


12 thoughts on “Day 99: Meet My Friend the Mannequin

    1. I think they’re still quite useful really, just not as useful as I was hoping. It helps me visualize the body in simpler forms and work out perspective issues.

      I’m mostly just complaining that my new toy doesn’t do as many things as I’d like it to. If you find one for cheap like I did it’s definitely still worth picking up though.

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