Day 98: Drawing Like a Kid Again

Pine Forest Crayon DoodleSo I did warn everyone that there would be some bad sketches coming up, right?  Everyone remembers that?

Well then here it goes.  I didn’t really feel like practicing anything today.  I have still been struggling to actually get anything done and somehow my to-do list just keeps getting bigger.  I also didn’t feel like just doodling although really that’s what I probably should have done.  But nope, the only thing I felt like drawing was a wolf in a forest.  Too bad I have no idea how to draw either wolves or forests.  Also, for some incomprehensible reason I decided to draw it in oil pastels which is even more difficult.  So here’s the result:  a very child-like drawing of a wolf in a forest.

It kind of makes me feel like a five year old again.  This certainly makes it look like my drawing skills haven’t improved much since I was about 8 or 9 years old.  I definitely need lots more practice in the animal and tree drawing departments.  Of course drawing those sorts of things from the imagination with no references and without a solid foundation in structure is always going to be a bit problematic.

The actual reason why I picked oil pastels was because they are the only colour medium I’ve found that doesn’t bleed through my sketchbook.  Although, come to think of it I probably should have done this one in pencil crayon instead.  It would have offered a lot more precision which I was sorely lacking here.  Well, at least I learned some things and I can keep that idea in mind for next time.  It’s almost liberating drawing without any set plan and without doing any rough pencil sketching to work out the forms and structures.  I mean the result isn’t too appealing but it’s still a fun and interesting process.


2 thoughts on “Day 98: Drawing Like a Kid Again

  1. I really like the forest. The overlapping colors make it dense and mysterious. A wolf without a reference? –that’s a difficult task you set yourself. Could be a ghost or spirit animal though…

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    1. Thank you. I think it definitely looks more like a ghost than it does a wolf.

      The real challenge was a complete lack of precision. The tip of the crayon was about the size of the wolf’s head.


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