Day 97: A Study of Baby Head Construction

Baby Head Construction StudyI’ve been reading a bit about the proportions for constructing the heads of babies.  They have different facial proportions from fully grown adults.  This is due to a proportionately large cranium and underdeveloped jaw.  I saw this in my drawing of the infant skull a few months ago.

I felt like taking a shot at drawing some baby heads of my own in a few different poses.  I wasn’t really referencing anything for these.  I was just making them up based on a really basic construction so I’m pretty sure the proportions aren’t quite right.  They were still pretty fun and interesting to do though.  I like seeing how much difference it makes to change a few basic proportions in the features when constructing a head.

I’m having a lot of fun playing with head constructions of all kinds.  I think it’s important to get a lot of practice with these.  I really want to be able to get faces down right.  Those are the really basic human element that can draw you into a scene even if everything else is off.  Of course the ultimate goal is not to have everything else be off either.  Still, you’ve got to start somewhere.


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