Day 96: Various Assorted Doodles

Vine Doodle Today was definitely a much calmer day than yesterday.  That was kind of a double edged sword though because I also didn’t really get anything done.  I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how I want to organize my time lately.  I’ve been falling behind on quite a few things and don’t really like the feeling of constantly playing catch up.  The conclusion I’ve reached, which I may or may not actually stick to, is that I’m going to take a bit of a break while I try to catch up and get organized.

Some of you out there really amaze me with the beautiful works of art that you’re able to produce in 20 minutes or half an hour.  I tend to need much more time than that to produce anything worth looking at.  Unfortunately, I don’t always have all that much time to devote to drawing every single day.  So my plan is to start seriously limiting the time I spend and the level of work I aspire to.  The vine I drew today for instance is something I normally wouldn’t have drawn because it wasn’t properly planned out.  I didn’t have a clear goal in mind and didn’t know if it would turn out alright or not.  I was risking not actually having anything worth posting.  That’s something I’m going to try to do more of. 

Now I definitely still want to keep practicing my drawing.  This sketch-a-day challenge is the only new years resolution I made this year that I’ve actually been sticking to and I have no intention of giving it up entirely.  I’m still going to draw at least one thing every day, I’m just going to try to tone down the scope a bit and be a bit more relaxed about it.  This was really just supposed to be a way to keep myself honest and track my progress.  Lately I’ve been feeling more like I need to compete, not just against everyone else but more so against myself.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing but I think I need to tone it back a bit before it gets out of hand.

The things that I enjoy the most and feel like I get the most out of without worrying too much about trying to perfect them or spending a lot of time on them are little doodles like these or my cartoon faces and exercises like the 3D shapes, beach balls and robot heads. So from now on, at least for the month of April, I’m going to focus on those and see where that takes me.  On week days I’ll limit myself to one of my exercises, a doodle, a page of cartoon faces or other doodles, or gesture drawings.  Thursday will still be figure drawing day but this will mostly be either stick men (like I did the last two weeks) or speed gestures.  Sunday will still be hand day.  Any larger drawings that I want to do or time consuming things that I want to experiment with will be saved for Saturday.  I will try to make Saturday my art day and focus more on my other projects during the week.  Of course if I have extra time at the end of the day and am feeling creative I may do extra drawings.  I’m not trying to impose any strict regulations of limitations on myself, just set slightly more specific goals so that I don’t feel like I need to do more to meet a certain imaginary quota.

I’m writing this all down more to get it straight for myself than for any other reason.  Hopefully no one else minds if my drawings aren’t exactly pushing the boundaries for the next few weeks.  Of course, I never know if I’m actually going to stick to these kinds of things or not.  I do need to do something though to make time for some of the things I’ve been falling behind on.  I think this might help.  I’ll try to aim for shorter posts too.  I enjoy writing them and have a bit of a tendency to babble when I’m tired (you may have noticed) but they definitely eat up a lot of time as well.  Time to simplify things a bit.

I drew some more beach balls and robot heads today as well as the vine doodle today.  This was partially another case of feeling like it wasn’t good enough to post just one of those three things.  I think I’m making some actual progress on these now though.  I look forward to experimenting with them a bit more in the coming month.  I’m not going to stop pushing myself entirely, just going to try to lower my expectations a bit.  Rome wasn’t built in a day after all.

Beach Ball Attack Robot Head Attack


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