Day 95: A Hand, an Easter Rabbit and a Rather Too Eventful Easter

Chocolate Rabbit NestHappy Easter and/or Passover and/or non-denominational or other holiday everyone!

Here’s a quick 2 minute sketch of a bunny rabbit trying to hatch its nest full of chocolate rabbit eggs.  That’s how that whole thing works right?  My understanding is that there’s a rabbit who goes around laying a whole bunch of chocolate eggs, some of which hatch into chocolate rabbits before you get to them.  Apparently he has no problem with us eating them though.  I suppose it’s because rabbits produce so many offspring that even they can’t keep track of them.  In any case, whether you celebrate chocolate laying rabbits, prophets who rise from the dead, the exodus of the Jews and/or freedom from slavery in general, or anything else, I hope you have a much better Easter than I did. I myself had a rather eventful Easter, just not quite in the way I might have hoped.  It started out okay.  I got up and had some breakfast.  I went downstairs to collect the cat food bowls, wash them out and fill them with fresh food for the cats.  Then my husband and I went down to feed the cats.  “Huh, that’s odd,” we thought “they seem distracted by something on the ground and aren’t even paying attention to us bringing them their food.”  Then we get a bit closer and all hell breaks loose. Here’s a little background information.  Our one cat, Niko, has a bad penchant for eating just about anything he can get his paws on.  This includes Ethernet cables, multiple earphone sets, any and all shoelaces that are left out, paperwork left on the table, the chord for their electric water fountain, and one time his own catheter while he was wearing a cone around his head at the vets.  Yeah, I have no idea how he’s still alive really. Niko's Easter MealSo when we get a bit closer we realize that there’s something hanging out of Niko’s mouth.  My husband thought it was a string or chord or something that he’d gotten a hold of somehow.  I immediately knew better.  I tried to tell him not to do anything but he immediately ran in there to pull the thing out of Niko’s mouth, afraid he was going to choke on it.  This was when he realized it was a snake.  Luckily it was dead at this point, Niko having eaten it head first.  Also, very luckily, after some research we were able to determine that it was not a poisonous snake.  Niko had a bit of a choking/coughing fit a little later in the day which we were concerned about (despite his love of eating things he doesn’t seem to be very good at chewing) but other than that he seems okay.  It was a little more drama than we had bargained for today though. A lot of the day was spent trying to cover up any holes that the snake might have crawled in through and making sure that both cats were okay and neither had been bitten.  Our planned for late Easter lunch turned into a rather late Easter supper and we were both a little bit shaken up.  Of course the cats were just looking at us like we were crazy and wondering what all the fuss was about.  Honestly, I’m not sure whether to be proud of them for actually eating the thing instead of just killing it or playing with it or concerned about the likely association that they’ve now formed between snakes and food.  I’d really rather not have them trying to eat any poisonous snakes.  Mostly I’m just torn between horror at the potential danger and relief that they’re okay. Shadow Rabbit HandAll of this didn’t leave me with a lot of time for sketching, nor was I really in the best frame of mind for it.  Nonetheless, Sunday is hand day so I figured I should at least get in a quick and sketch for the day.  So here’s another quick hand sketch.  The pose is the one I had intended for today although I had been meaning to put a bit more effort into it.  All of today’s sketches are really just quick impressions.  Still, it’s better than nothing I suppose.  At least I’m keeping the habit going even if I’m not exactly pushing any boundaries with these.


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