Day 93: More Beach Balls and Robot Heads

More BeachballsToday I decided to take it a bit easy.  I slept for a ridiculously long amount of time last night, mostly because the ridiculous amount of pain I was in wouldn’t allow me to do much else.  This wasn’t just your average headache.  This was a “if I open my eyes or try to move my head at all it hurts so much that it makes me feel nauseous” kind of a headache.  My head hasn’t hurt that much since I had the shingles … which I’m really hoping is completely unrelated because that was not fun at all.  So today when I was finally awake and able to move I decided not to push it too much.  The worst of the headache is gone but I can still feel it nagging in the back of my skull which is enough to warn me off attempting anything too serious or strenuous … like any form of concentration really.  Apparently my brain doesn’t approve of me concentrating right now.

Luckily, there was actually something I’d been wanting to try that didn’t require too much concentration.  A few days ago I actually went out and bought a styrofoam ball.  It’s not quite a ping pong ball like I’d threatened but it serves the same purpose.  I drew three lines around it in different coloured sharpie markers dividing the ball into equal eighths.  Voila, beach ball subject … sort of anyway.  So while these drawings may not look any different from all of my previous beach ball drawings, these ones were actually drawn from life. 

Basically I just rolled the styrofoam ball around my desk and tried to draw in in whichever position it settled in.  My husband was quite amused by this process.  The idea was to get a better idea of where the dividing lines sit in various positions as well as to get a bit more creative with different positions to place the ball in.  I’m not sure that I did much better with these than with the ones I drew from my imagination but it was an interesting exercise and I think it’s good practice.  Also, it technically counts as a life drawing, no?

I also decided that I wanted to take it one step further and try to construct some robot heads using this same process.  Again, I rolled my new styrofoam beach ball around and drew it in whatever position it settled in.  Then I built a robot head around those basic construction lines.  I had to be a bit more picky about some of the poses I was drawing here to make them fit on the page but for most of them I just tried to work with whatever position I got.

More Robot HeadsI’m still not really happy with how my robot heads are turning out but I am working on it.  I have an idea about how to improve them for next time.  I’m absolutely determined to get this head construction thing down.  It may take me a while but I will get there eventually.


6 thoughts on “Day 93: More Beach Balls and Robot Heads

    1. Thank you. It is quite handy. It got a bit damaged on the way home from the store so it has some dents and isn’t perfectly round anymore. That just gives me an excuse for not perfectly round beach balls though. Also the cranium isn’t perfectly round either so I figure it works fine.

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