Day 92: Migraines and Hairy Stick Men

Some Hairy Looking Stick FiguresToday’s headache makes the one from a few days ago feel like a joke. I’m afraid it didn’t leave me with much energy or ability to focus. The best I was able to manage was these rather hairy looking and uncertain stick figures.

Thursday is after all figure drawing day. Maybe eventually I’ll get to some proper ones. For now though these will have to do.


14 thoughts on “Day 92: Migraines and Hairy Stick Men

    1. Thanks. I’m feeling a bit better today after sleeping for ages. Still taking it easy though because my energy levels are still quite low and I can feel the headache still lingering in the background waiting to burst back out every time I try to concentrate too hard on anything.


    1. Thank you. It certainly wasn’t easy yesterday. I think it was actually my hardest day ever so far. Hopefully it doesn’t get much worse than that. I’m glad I was just about able to manage though.

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      1. Are headaches part of the reason you’re off of gluten? I never knew til trying to find the foods my body doesn’t tolerate that headaches are a main symptom of food intolerance. I’m glad it’s at least a little better today. I hope you find a solution (if one exists).

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      2. Thank you. Headaches are part of the reason I’m off gluten. I also had a lot of digestive issues and possible IBS. Basically I was just sick all of the time and it all mostly went away when I stopped eating gluten.

        I think something my body disagrees with probably slipped back into my diet without my realizing it. I just need to narrow down what it is. Either that or I’m coming down with something again but I hope not. My body seems to have much stronger reactions to my eating foods it doesn’t like now than it used to though. Probably that’s because it’s not being bombarded all the time and I generally feel better so it’s more noticeable when something goes wrong.

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